e-Learning has come far from being just another jargon, to the new way of learning. It is undeniably an avenue worth exploring for every organization, institution or individual, with dynamic and multi-faceted training needs. That being said, the sheer veritable nature of eLearning, can sometimes be overwhelming, given the array of choices in terms of authoring tools, avatars, and other nuances. At Eduquestindia, eLearning is a passion, which motivates us to be with our clients, right from the start of their eLearning solution implementation, right till it goes live. We delve into understanding the training needs of the involved stakeholders, technology dependence and restrictions, along with the business vision to drive cost-effective eLearning framework, for holistic company training.

Our Content Development Services

The fuel for any learning management system or online training tool is great and interactive content. To have a compounding effect on a well-designed online eLearning solution, all that is needed is an artistic content development service. Experience our elite and creative learning content development services and empower your learning systems today.

Custom e-Learning

If there is one difference which the arrival of eLearning has made in the way training is imbibed and imparted, it is without a doubt ‘customization’. We, at Eduquestindia, help clients convert classroom training sessions into interactive learning modules, introduce existing content into the module and also research and develop high-impact content from scratch. All our eLearning solutions delivered through our eLearning portals are built to be visually-appealing and intriguing to maximize learning efficacy.

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Rapid Authoring

When it comes to driving training and development in an enterprise, the curriculum may be fast changing in response to the ever-evolving learning environment of today. Thus, a rapid eLearning solution needs to drive the training and development culture in corporates. Our rapid content development services employ the most advanced rapid authoring tools for eLearning, to craft learning modules, create assessments, case studies, interactive quizzes etc., and make them available for use in minimal turnaround time.

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Mobile Learning

Eduquestindia swears by an approach of “simplification,” and thus, provides advanced learning aided by handheld, mobile smart devices. Be it creating new mLearning modules, providing access to resources on-the-go, or importing available online training to mobile platforms, Eduquestindia can adeptly handle it all for you. Offering compatibility across all mobile devices, we also integrate mobile learning with our SkillsBreeder LMS and provide a specialized mobile app for the same to enable online/offline learning.

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Blended Learning

As corporates are fast becoming global giants, the workforce they employ has also gone on to become all the more diversified in terms of skills, capabilities, and professional aspirations. These diversities also, in turn, result in them having different training needs, and hence no single approach to learning - traditional or eLearning can prove complete. Experience a blended learning solution from Eduquestindia which combines multiple interactive training modes to provide a holistic learning framework.

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Blended E-Learning
Instructor led Training

Instructor – Led Training

Are you still clutching on to the same drop dead boring PowerPoint based classroom training? Embrace our revolutionary approach to corporate and institutional training and development. Our ILT programs aim at developing quality instructor materials, instructor guides, student handouts, get real-time feedback, drive an enhanced audience interaction, create videos and graphics and ensure information relevancy to contribute towards an effective learning synergy.

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Virtual Instructor – Led Training

With a mobile workforce and a dissipated work pattern becoming the norm in most organizations, getting everyone in the same room for training is often a challenge. This is where our virtual instructor-led training courses can provide a cost-effective alternative to the traditional training approaches, facilitating instructor-student communication through a digital medium. We amalgamate a right training approach using visuals and interactive media to ensure maximum learner engagement.

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Virtual Instrctor Led Training

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