mobile learning

In every corporate, the main barrier to progress is the cost of developing the training program, set-up of training infrastructure, and coming up with a solution to meet the training needs of various employees.

The real challenge lies in devising a training solution for the most mobile part of the workforce. This may include field engineers, maintenance staff or employees in the sales department, who cannot all be brought in a single training room.

This is where mobile learning can provide the opportunity to overcome all these barriers and bring in the necessary convenience to learning. The advent of mobile learning allows learners to leave the classroom behind and take their training materials wherever they go, on their phones or tablets.


  • Learning flexibility
  • Enables learning on multiple devices
  • No investment on infrastructure
  • Budget-friendly solution
  • Aids active learning
  • Improved retention rates
  • Increased collaboration
  • High completion rates

What we do?

Eduquestindia’s mobile learning solutions are designed to cater to the special needs of learners who prefer to be on-the-go, by providing them the power to access information from anywhere and at any time. Here’s an overview of how we can help meet your organization’s training and development needs:

  • Formulate strategic content as per specific needs
  • Conversion of existing training material into mobile-specific module.
  • Compatibility across all handheld devices – smartphones, tablets, phablets etc
  • Simplify engagement by creating a mobile learning platform
  • Create impactful bite-sized learning modules – videos, infographics, snippets etc
  • Access to training resources, references on-the-go
  • Provide enhanced mobile user experience through SkillsBreeder mobile app
  • Enable synchronous learning between online and offline mode
  • Competency-based learning provided based on learner performance
  • Facilitate social engagement through mobile and enrich the learning experience


Integration with LMS for dual mode of learning

Most mobile learning solutions are deemed mobile-only which makes them disjointed from web-based LMS. Our mobile learning solutions are integrated with our indigenous LMS – SkillsBreeder to facilitate learning in both online and offline mode. With a dedicated Skillsbreeder mobile app, offline learning and synchronization of data with the LMS is possible.

Strategic Mobile learning development

One size does not fit all and our developers understand that. When our mobile eLearning content developers approach a project, we look at it as a mobile-first one. Such an approach helps us develop courseware as per the aspects of a mobile or a handheld device, rather than a desktop or a laptop.

A prowess in mobile learning technology

Eduquestindia has a history of dishing out mobile learning solutions for clients, which are true to their unique needs. Operating with a team of efficient mobile technology enthusiasts, our designers will either build a web hosted courseware, accessible through a web or mobile browser, or integrate the learning module on our full-blown custom Skillsbreeder app.

Access Learning Resources on the go

Our mobile learning solutions are designed keeping in mind the necessity to access a wide range of learning resources using their mobile devices. Hence, the mobile eLearning applications devised for our clients support artefacts such as documents, help files, presentations and scribble pads, which complement the mobile learning process.

Our Clientele