rapid elearning development

The business environment in which the modern day corporates operate is quite intriguing. An increased competition over time has brought in added layers of complexities to modern day businesses. To support business expansion in such an environment, it is essential to have your workforce upskilled and trained to the upcoming challenges.

In a market that is ever-changing, training and development must be swift to deploy to yield immediate results. Instead of spending months over development of training material and information transfer, corporates today, need their employees trained fast enough to apply their learned knowledge and start contributing to the business, right away. This is where Eduquestindia’s model of rapid eLearning development makes a difference.


  • Cost-effective option
  • Short turnaround time
  • Rapid deployment of training course
  • Easy updates/modifications
  • Visually-rich content for higher retention
  • Quick knowledge transfer
  • Reduced wait time for application of training

What we do?

Our strong expertise in creating engaging and media-rich courses using rapid authoring tools makes it possible to deliver information in a business environment to the right people at the right time. Here’s a look at what our solutions entail:

  • Create a storyboard from scratch
  • Our experts develop the storyboard into rich, intriguing interactive modules
  • Learning for your employees is carried out in real-time
  • We ensure rapid deployment
  • No wait time for eLearning development to be completed.
  • Creation of interactive quizzes, case studies, real-world example-based activities
  • Continuous assessment for learner performance monitoring
  • We set up a ready channel for developing and deploying updates to it


Leaner, meaner and low-cost Rapid eLearning solutions

When it comes to training and development, the age-old approach of classroom learning sessions and online courses loaded with heavy interactions are being shown the door. Eduquestindia can craft rapid eLearning courses, which are cost-effective, rapidly deployed and create the intended impact on the target audience within a short span.

Support for bite-sized learning

It has long been established that elaborate lectures or overloaded texts are perhaps the least productive approach to training and development, both at an individual and a corporate level. Eduquestindia’s mobile rapid eLearning solutions help transform lengthy learning courseware into bite-sized modules making it easy for learners to absorb information more quickly.

Great deployment turnarounds

One parameter upon which all the modern eLearning technologies are increasingly being judged upon is how quick they allow updates to be included in the current eLearning stack. When Eduquestindia approaches a rapid eLearning development, our aim is to head straight to identifying the alterations or additions, which are needed in the existing content and make use of advanced rapid eLearning content authoring tools, to update the content.

For super fast deployment of learning solutions, choose Eduquestindia’s rapid eLearning solutions.

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