Virtual Instructor – Led Training

Fueled by the past couple of decades of globalization which has caught up with the corporates of today, it resulted in them becoming a complex conglomerate of employees. Not just are the employees located in disparate locations, there is a wide variety of skill sets which are on boarded across departments in a corporate. With such a mix of skill sets and demographics, a traditional training methodology can never do justice to all of these uniformly. This is why corporates have been exploring Virtual Instructor-led training methodology to have an effective holistic training framework incepted.


  • Reduced training expenses
  • Instructor-led methodology
  • Face-to-face interactions
  • Enables remote participation
  • Convenient learning environment
  • Trackable learner performance
  • Facilitates global information sharing
Virtual Instructor – Led Training system

What we do?

Eduquestindia can help you experience an enhanced learning environment using the most cost-effective method known for training employees based out of various locations, while still retaining the personalized training experience as offered by an instructor-led model. Here’s how we accomplish this:

  • Enabling ILT with participants worldwide
  • Setting up an effective channel for instructor-learner communication
  • Online training materials and hands-on interactivity using digital media
  • Specialized content to drive maximum student engagement
  • Ensure high-levels of collaboration for best learning experience
  • Integrating stunning visuals and broadcast media strategies for training effectiveness
  • Modular design allows adoption of a focused learning approach
  • Highly-scalable to meet the dynamic learning needs


Effective VILT facilitation

The effectiveness of the VILT courses and training which you run in your company largely depends upon the quality of the training material which is used to drive the training session. With Eduquestindia’s VILT development services, you can have structured training content that is both easy to profess and follow.

Overall reduction in training costs

Let Eduquestindia introduce you to this world of effective skill upgrade and strategic training cost-savings. The first saving is on account of the travel costs. The second avenue of cost-savings is on account of lost time. Since no traveling to fixed training locations is required, the overall cost of conducting such corporate training is drastically reduced.

Fostering a collaborative global learning environment

Eduquestindia’s VILT solutions for corporates make use of social media effectively, by creating dedicated channels and forums, which can be used as an avenue to have discussions on a global scale. The TL&D teams in corporates can use these to post pre-workshop media and content such as quizzes or assignments, and also to collect feedback for the session.

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