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A LMS is an application that enables creation and delivery of content and enables monitoring student participation and performance, bringing about optimization in planning and implementation of a specific learning process in an organization.

Providing Structured learning Solutions

Learning as an activity is a reflection of the inherent uniqueness, which characterizes individual personality. While some of us might be visual learners, the most efficient grasping style for others may be auditory or interactive. Thus, there is no uniform learning style which works for everyone, and this has been the founding motivation behind all of Eduquestindia’s learning solutions.

In support of a global workforce model which manifests in most modern day organizations, the learning system we create for our clients wield the latest eLearning technologies, such as Moodle. We tailor customized learning management ecosystems for corporates, incorporating a broad range of learning courses. This enables corporates to drive a learning culture within them, with capability- linked, feedback-looped training sessions for their employees.

Learning Management System

Learning Management System

Meet our very own brainchild in the LMS space – skillsBreeder. Built as an answer to the complex training requirements of modern day organizations, it comes with an extremely customizable LMS support environment, that allows skillsBreeder to be easily tweaked as per specific training needs. Apart from personalization, our indigenous LMS allows development, organization and distribution of online courses, besides facilitating learner progress monitoring to catalyze learning effectiveness.

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