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Are you trying to drive long-term business expansion through resource upskilling? Are you struggling to organize, develop and manage courses? Then what you need is user-friendly, intuitive, feature-loaded, easy-to-use LMS that allows you to drive tremendous improvements in your training programs

Say hello to skillsBreeder – a one-of-a-kind, robust LMS that is designed to simplify learning and make management quite easy.

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  • Enables creation of multiple courses in bulk
  • Support for implementation, storage and security
  • Easy-to-use interface with minimal setup time
  • Makes defining user roles hassle-free
  • SCORM/AICC compliance to support interoperability
  • Multilingual support for global learner interaction
  • Easy tracking and monitoring of learner progress
  • Data reporting and analytics
  • Define and issue course completion certificates
  • Gamification and intrinsic rewards to motivate learners
  • Support for multimedia and external resource integration
  • High scalability to align with expanding training needs
  • Allows easy updates/modifications

With skillsBreeder, you get an LMS that:

Is highly versatile

Learning with skillsBreeder can commence at any time or place, without any pre-requisites. This isn’t just convenient for the learners and the employees, but also drives a better cost-benefit realization for the company.

Drives a social learning culture

skillsBreeder brings about a social, interactive eLearning platform; wherein eLearning localization and constant feedback loops keep the learning process, fresh and fun.

Is easy to deploy

It is completely device and platform agnostic, meaning, no additional integration efforts are needed, while we help you make it work with your existing systems.

Is customizable and highly deducible

skillsBreeder is an advanced learning management environment, which is customizable at its very rudimentary levels. It even allows customizability in site design and layout to reflect your brand’s theme.

Has end to end reporting capabilities

skillsBreeder streamlines the process of tracking and evaluation. As each of the learning interactions with the system are logged, activity completion reports can be run and scheduled to assess the effectiveness of a particular training drive.

Facilitates Enhanced Management

The platform enables easy delegation and management of various user roles and allows organizers to manage large groups effortlessly. It also helps in the realization of a streamlined workflow, convenient file management and use of collaborative tools.

Supports Micro Learning

The real difference which skillsBreeder brings is the support for ‘Micro learning’. Within this, the various eLearning modules have been encapsulated, and it is left to the learners, as to which modules they choose to subscribe to.

Allows to view learner's journey

The LMS Software can deploy and issue certificates in live and recorded events of completion for learners achievements. Custom-designed certificates can be created, exported and emailed to learners in PDF format.

How has it helped companies?

skillsBreeder empowers the training needs of countless organizations and institutions across the globe. Major benefits are,

  • Create and quickly deploy courses to satiate their training needs
  • Integrate the diverse courses under one common, synchronized system
  • Efficiently monitor learner progress and bridge any learning gaps
  • Encourage a collaborative learning culture
  • Boost the morale of employees
  • Witness a spike in productivity due to application of learned skills
  • Minimize the time required to derive immediate benefits of training

Many organizations have experienced the power of eLearning with skillsBreeder, have you? Take a step ahead in employee training by opting for the best LMS platform in existence – skillsBreeder!

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