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Training Solutions from Eduquestindia

If it is a holistic training and development solution for your enterprise’s workforce that you are looking forward to, Eduquestindia will serve you well. We have profound experience in setting up in-house training schedules, and imparting training on various topics. A holistic whole company training perspective is what drives us towards providing interactive in-house training and other public workshops for corporates and institutions.

Training Consulting Services

Our elite training consultants commence with an analysis of the target audience from the perspective of the subject of the training, and then help devise strategic as well as tactical training procedures. With renowned international consultants on our team, we are proficient in driving online as well as blended learning solutions to empower capacity-driven skill upgrades for enterprises. Our approach allows application of learned skills in the real-world instantaneously to achieve immediate results.

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Common challenges involved in training:

  • Identification of employee-specific training requirements
  • Deploying training strategies that are in sync with diverse requirements
  • Developing a course that aligns with your company’s training strategies
  • Designing course content that’s in line with learning objectives
  • Inadequacy of trainers in handling the workshops
  • Ensuring deployment of training workshop in minimal time
  • Assessing the success of the course and testing the learner’s efficacy


We, at Eduquestindia, are not deterred by challenges and have found proven, practical ways to overcome it all and set up a training regimen that guarantees an increase in organizational capability. Here’s how:

High-end support infrastructure

Eduquestindia brings to your training department, an avid experience of years of setting up training programs for corporates and institutions. The team is supported by intricately crafted training materials, which are both interactive and engaging.

Preeminent team of experts

We have trainers who have more than 1000 hours of adroit training experience. We also have a team of international consultants who have proven professional experience in building organizational capability and driving productivity.

Comprehensive training solutions

We take care of all aspects, right from planning to development to training logistics to constant upgradation that ensures seamless delivery. We also run webinars and quizzes, which provide an assessment-based learning environment.

Multiple modes of training

While face-to-face training is the obvious mode that we support and have mastery in, Eduquestindia has also developed an adept skill at transforming theoretical training materials into interactive game-based modules.

Train the trainers:

If you have a learning, training and development team in-house, Eduquestindia can also provide futuristic training consulting services to train the trainers and get a superior result out of the program.

Continuous improvement:

Our training consulting services are topped up with a post-training feedback, which helps us improve upon our future interactions with you, and also bring about the desired amendments to the existing service.

The Benefits Derived:

  • The entire human resource base within the organization stands to benefit
  • A tactical impact on the business bottom line is realized
  • Higher managers and decision makers portray increased organizational agility
  • Our training consulting services provide for professional grooming at an individual level
  • Assures greater work efficiency, which in turn leads to higher productivity
  • Ensures retention of competent, able employees
  • Boost employee morale and provides greater job satisfaction
  • Enhanced interaction and attentive contact with the target audience
  • Hones skills to adhere to the ever-changing business landscape

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